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How to Have a Better and Safer Road Trip

The summer season is road trip season and whether your traveling with family, friends or just by yourself, there are some important things you should do and remember to make sure you have a safe and fun road trip!  

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Have an Emergency Kit Ready 

This is perhaps the most important. No matter how much luggage you need to fit in your car, always leave some space for an emergency kit in case the worst should happen. Some crucial things you should always have are a first-aid kit, tire iron, jumper cables, bottled water and a fire extinguisher. 

Clean Before the Trip 

It’s inevitable that your car will get messy during the road trip, so you don’t want to pile on garbage to more garbage! Give your interior and exterior a good deep cleaning beforehand so that your car can stay somewhat clean throughout the trip. 

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Stock Up on Sleep 

This is very important, especially if you’re the one that will be doing the driving a majority of the time. Anticipate you won’t be sleeping too much and get a good night’s sleep in the week going into the trip. You can actually stock up on sleep and rest, so you’re not as fatigued during the trip. 

Bring a Real Map 

The GPS on your phone may seem easier, and in some ways your right, but where’s the fun in that? It can be much more satisfying to track your progress on an actual map, and it can really come in handy if you’re in an area where cell service is spotty. 

Ditch the Screen for Games 

Put down the smartphone, tablet and laptop for a while and instead try old-school entertainment games. Staring at a screen for hours can even cause carsickness, so taking a break for some classic road trip games can be better and more fun! 

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