lower portion of woman biking on cement trail

Bicycle Safety Tips

With the weather warming up, it’s a better time than ever to dust off the old bike from the garage and hit some of the beautiful bike trails that Green Bay has to offer! Or, maybe you’re looking to get some more exercise by biking to work! No matter the situation, you’ll always want to stay safe out there. Here are some safety tips to follow to stay safe while biking! 

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Be Prepared and Visible 

It’s obvious but still important. Always wear a helmet and any other protective gear you may need. Make sure you’re always visible too, whether you’re biking at night or not. A reflective vest or bike light may be needed. 

Stay Alert and Focused 

Always have a close eye on your immediate path for obstacles or hazardous things like sands or rocks as well as the cars around you. Stay off your phone and avoid wearing headphones, or at least have them at a low volume so you can still hear what’s around you. 

POV of boy on mountain bike looking at trail surrounded by trees

lower portion of silver car shown driving in bike lane

Behave Like a Car 

Drivers are used to other cars, so if you act like a car they don’t have to adjust much to you. Stay in your lane and don’t try to weave in and out of traffic. Obey all traffic laws like a car and go with the direction of traffic and you should have no confusion from drivers. 

Always Signal and Alert Others When Passing 

When you’re about to make a turn, always use a hand signal to show where you’re going. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s a helpful guide. If you’re on a trail and about to pass another biker or pedestrian, warn them you’re about to pass their right or left so you don’t surprise them. 

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