yellow engine maintenance light from vehicle dashboard

6 Summer Car Maintenance Tips

Summer is just around the corner! It may feel like a relief to finally get through the tough winter and spring for your car, but summer can be just as hard on your car too! Here are some things you can do to make sure your car is at peak efficiency at the start of and all throughout the summer months! 

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Check Your Car’s Fluids 

Heat causes evaporation, which means you can run dangerously low on fluids during the summer quickly. Top off all your fluids, especially your oil, at the beginning of summer and check the levels regularly. 

Inspect Your Tires 

With temperature fluctuations comes fluctuation’s in your tire pressure. Always check them to make sure they’re properly inflated, as well as check for any damage from hot roads. 

Wash and Wax 

It’s not just for looking good, a good wash and wax is important for your car’s health. Dust and dirt scratch at your car’s top coat, making it more susceptible to sun damage and rust. 

man leaning over engine of car with rag checking oil level

man pouring brake fluid into car

Test Your Battery 

Your battery has battery fluid, and like all other fluids, it can evaporate in heat. Check your battery or have a mechanic look at it in case you need to replace it before or during the summer heat. 

Test Your AC 

It’s better to know how your air conditioning is working before you need it. If it’s not working, it could be a signal that there are bigger problems wrong with your car. Have a mechanic check it out. 

Pack an Emergency Kit 

This isn’t technically maintenance, but it’s just good practice. In case you have a breakdown or accident, you’ll want to have some important things like cables, first aid kit, tire gauge, reflective triangles, flashlights and drinking water. 

Thanks for reading and happy summer everyone! Check back on our blog for more car maintenance tips and tricks as well as money-saving advice!