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Tips for Getting the Best Price on a Rental Car!

Are you traveling soon or have plans to? Maybe visiting some family or friends for Memorial Day weekend? If you’re going to need to rent a car, here are some easy tips and things you can do to get the most affordable rental car possible! 

Browse for Online Discounts 

Companies almost always have discounts available online for drivers. Browse through sites and compare to see which give you the biggest discount for your rental car needs. is a great resource! 

Shop Local and Independent 

Skip the Hertz or the Avis counters, large national chains have higher expenses which means they’ll have to charge you higher rates. Look for an independent agency, they may not have as big a selection but they’re more likely to have a cheaper rate. 

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Avoid the Airport 

If you can manage it, always avoid rental agencies at the airport. It may be the most convenient, but they know that too and can charge more when you book at an airport as opposed to elsewhere. Get a ride or take a bus to an agency off-site and you’ll see lower rates. 


Not everyone is a born negotiator, we know that. But, it doesn’t hurt to try and haggle a little. Especially if you’re traveling during a slow day and you notice their lot is full, simply asking the salesperson for a lower price can be the trick. Or, offer to take any models they can’t get rid of for a lower rate. 

Skip Insurance You Don’t Need 

When you’re filling out paperwork, the rental agency is will offer many different insurance plans for you. Your intuition may be better to be safe than sorry, but most times the insurance plans are redundant or unnecessary. Comb through the fine print and only get what’s necessary for your specific trip. 

We hope these tips helped! Safe travels everyone! Check back on our blogs for more tips and tricks for saving money in all kinds of ways!