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6 Ways to Save Money Every Month!

Are you looking to save some money in 2018? It can be difficult to change habits to more money-saving ways, but not impossible. Here are a few simple ways you can get a few more dollars in your pocket or your savings account every month! 

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Cut the Gym Membership 

There are many ways to exercise or work out other than a costly gym membership. Whatever you’re paying per month to be a member of your gym, it’s probably too much. Try running or invest in your own gym equipment. 

Cut Food Waste with a Meal Plan 

Food waste can be a huge drag on your budget. Try out a meal plan where you only make the exact amount you want every day. There are tons of these plans online so you can find the right one for you! 

Take Lunch to Work 

A simple sandwich and some chips or vegetables make for cheap lunch, rather than going out or ordering in. Another small thing you can do every day that will add up in the long run! 

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Cut Down on Eating Out 

We all love going out to eat with friends and family, but it can get expensive. You don’t have to cut it out completely, but calculate how many times a month you go out and aim to cut that in half. 

Shop Only Sales and Only What You Need 

No matter what you’re shopping for there’s a sale or discount somewhere that will save you money. Be diligent and persistent in your search for the lowest price. Also, cut out the excess shopping, unless it’s a necessity, don’t buy it. 

Bill Yourself 

When you’re paying your bills at the end of the month, bill yourself for your savings account like you would for any other expense. It forces you to commit to saving and will feel rewarding after some time to check your savings account! 

Happy savings everyone! For other financial-related tips, check back on our blog!