person cleaning exterior of white car with red cloth

6 Car Cleaning Hacks for Spring Cleaning!

It’s that time of the year, it’s time for some spring cleaning! Although the weather isn’t as cooperative as we hoped, we’re still on the cusp of spring and summer, which means getting rid of all that winter dirt and grime. Here are some helpful and simple tips and tricks you can do for cleaning your car! 

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Squeegee Away Pet Hair 

You love your pet, but you don’t love the hair they leave behind on your seats. Instead of vacuuming, take a spray bottle of water, spray it on the seats, and squeegee it and you’ll pull it tons of pet hair! 

Oil Up Your Dashboard 

Keep your dashboard looking shiny and new with a little olive oil! Simply rub in a little bit and it’ll trap moisture, preventing it from cracking and looking aged. 

Getting in Those Air Vents 

Air vents are tricky to clean and can accumulate a lot of dust. Try using a sponge brush with your cleaner of choice, it’ll slip right into the vents and collect tons of dust! 

two people cleaning exterior of car with yellow cloths

pine tree air freshener hanging from rearview mirror of car

Line Your Cup Holders 

Cup holders can get grimy, once you’ve cleaned them, keep them clean by lining them with muffin cups at the bottom. They’ll collect the dirt and dust without it collecting at the bottom! 

Wipe Away Bug Splatters 

Bug Splatters can be especially tough to scrub away. Instead, grab a can of cooking spray and spray it onto the splatter, give it a few seconds and it’ll wipe right off! 

Floor Mats in the Washer 

Instead of spending tons of time trying to get a deep clean in your dirty floor mats, just use your washer! Spray them with stain remover for the tough stains, then just toss them into the washing machine on low. They’ll come out looking good as new! 

Happy cleaning everyone! Check back on our blog for more automotive tips and tricks! And, remember Broadway Auto Credit the next time you need help financing a new car!