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How to keep from falling asleep when you’re tired while driving 

How to keep from falling asleep while driving 

April 6th is the annual Drowsy Driving Awareness Day and in anticipation of it next week, we’re going to give you a few tips to keep yourself from getting drowsy while behind the wheel. While many people experience drowsiness and even falling asleep while driving, it is easy to prevent this danger from occurring, keeping you and other drivers safer. 

To stay alert while driving, particularly when driving for long stretches of time, it’s important that you start off feeling refreshed. Try taking a twenty-minute nap before leaving on your trip. This is known to keep you awake and will leave you feeling refreshed. If drowsiness hits you while you’re already driving, don’t try to push through it – pull over your vehicle and take a nap. If you don’t have time for a twenty minute nap, studies have shown that a ten minute walk is a great alternative. A ten minute walk gives you enough energy to stay awake for approximately another two hours.  

Dehydration is another source of drowsiness common among drivers. Be sure to drink plenty of water while driving in order to prevent that tired feeling that goes along with dehydration. 

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Keeping your mind focus helps you stay awake. 

portrait of young beautiful woman sitting in the carTry to stay mentally engaged while driving to prevent drowsiness from setting in. Doing this is easy – simply crank up the music in your vehicle. Studies have shown that listening to music is a great way to stay engaged while driving, not only that, but music you don’t like tends to show the best results. Getting some fresh air from the air conditioning or by opening a window can often give you a boost of energy as well. Exciting audio books are another great option for staying awake and keeping your mind active.  

Calling a friend or family member is another great way to keep your brain stimulated. Having an interesting conversation is a great way to prevent falling asleep while driving, but be sure to use a headset or hands-free device to keep yourself engaged in driving. 

Staying awake while driving can be difficult, especially for those who travel a lot for business. These easy tricks for staying awake and alert while driving is a great way to keeping yourself and other drivers safe on the road. Use your best judgment and know your energy limits – pull over or have a passenger take over driving if needed. Our newer models feature plenty of new technology that is great for keeping drivers alert while driving – be sure to check our inventory for one that suits you.