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What do you spoilers do on cars?

Benefits of having a spoiler on your car

First popping up on cars in the 70’s, the spoiler has become a popular add-on feature found on a variety of different vehicle types. Though many see it as simply an element of style, there are actually several benefits to having a spoiler on your car.

How do car spoilers work?

The overall purpose of having a spoiler on your vehicle is to make it more aerodynamic. Most spoilers are rear-oriented, however, some can be added to the front or roof of a vehicle as well. Depending on the spoiler you have and its position, adding one to your vehicle can create different impacts on your car’s performance.

The largest impact a spoiler has on your vehicle is improving traction. The spoiler creates better airflow around and over the car and creates a downforce, increasing your vehicle’s grip on the road. With the added traction, it becomes easier to control your vehicle, without needing to add extra weight to your vehicle.

A spoiler on the rear end of a car

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Benefits of adding a spoiler to your vehicle

Additional benefits of having a spoiler on your car include helping your vehicle’s braking stability. Even when driving at higher speeds, drivers of vehicles with spoilers tend to have an easier time braking, making the addition of a spoiler a safer option.

Your vehicle can also experience an improvement in fuel efficiency, especially if your vehicle features front spoilers or air dams. These spoilers push air around the car, reducing its drag. With less drag on your car, it takes less power to move your vehicle forward, improving its efficiency.

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