Auto loan preapproval benefits like leverage budgeting and more

Check Out the Benefits of Getting Pre-Approved for Your Car Loan

What are the Benefits of Getting Pre-Approved for a Car Loan?

We all like to be validated.  Whether that validation comes from someone telling you that you’re a good listener, or a great athlete, or your opinion on comic-book movies is remarkably spot-on, it feels good to have someone on our side.  And while car loans can seem a far cry from comparing Batman to Superman, getting one in advance of shopping for a car does validate you.  It means you’re a “cash buyer” who has a certain amount to spend at a dealership, and the loaner believes in you enough to approve you for it. 

With that in mind, we want to give you four benefits to getting pre-approved for a car loan, including having leverage in negotiations.  Read on for more about these benefits!  

Can Student Loans Affect Credit?

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United States Federal Student aid website on computer browser

Can student loans hurt your credit score?

How do student loans affect credit?

For many people just out of college, student loans are a gigantic weight around their neck. 44.2 million Americans have student loan debt to pay back, and overall they owe $1.44 trillion. These huge numbers show that student loans are just a part of getting a degree for most of America. Your student loans affect many aspects of your life, like your credit score. Read the rest of this entry >>

Where are the Best Bands at Mile of Music 2017

Where Can I See the Best Bands at Mile of Music 2017?

Where are the Best Bands at Mile of Music 2017?

With over 900 live music sets across 70 venues packed into Mile of Music 2017 it can easily become overwhelming to decide which band to see when.  Thankfully the organizers and schedulers of the event make it possible to see all of the talent on display in Appleton from August 3rd through August 6th with ease.  Most performers have multiple sets spread over the 4-day festival and play at various venues, giving you multiple opportunities and the flexibility to see all your favorite bands and still have time to discover some new favorite bands along the way.  Here is a short list of the best bands at Mile of Music 2017. Read the rest of this entry >>

What Makes Credit Card Chips Safer?

EMV Chips Offer More Security

What Makes Credit Card Chips Safer?

You may have noticed when you go to the grocery store or a gas station that the clerk will ask if your card has a chip in it. These chips have created quite a buzz as they’ve revolutionized security for card payments. What exactly is it about these credit card chips that makes them safer than cards with the traditional magnetic strip, and are they really as safe as advertised? We’ll cover that in the blog below. Read the rest of this entry >>

Factors That Affect Your Credit Score

Your credit score is a number ranging usually from around 500 to 900 which indicates to lenders what kind of history you have with credit. A low credit score can make it harder to buy a car, take out a mortgage, or get approved for a credit card. There are several factors that affect your credit score. If you have ever wondered “What is your credit score based on?” Then this is the post for you. Read the rest of this entry >>