Woman In Grocery Aisle Of Supermarket With Coupons

How do I reduce my monthly expenses?

Easy tips to save money monthly

While some people clip coupons and try to save up as much money as possible, others really have to exercise their self-control to keep themselves from blowing their entire paycheck  as soon as they get it. Whichever category you fall into – or even somewhere in between – we’re sure you’ll benefit from these easy ways to cut down on expenses and save your money from month-to-month.

To cut down on the monthly damage done to your bank account, there are several areas people tend to cut expenses that are both easy and effective. Here are some ways you can try and save money with little effort or big changes to your lifestyle.

Save money around the house

  • Unplug all unused electrical devices
  • Utilize timers and power strips to automatically turn off appliances
  • Lower the temp of your hot water heater
  • Air seal your home to prevent drafts (hot and cold!)
  • Set a timer for showers

Save money on entertainment expenses

  • Cancel a club membership or subscription
  • Reduce or eliminate your cable bill
  • Try new, inexpensive means of entertainment
  • Research ways to reduce travel expenses

Save money on food

  • Cook meals at home, pack for future meals
  • Reduce or eliminate takeout or dining out
  • Use coupons and buy perishables in bulk
  • Grow your own veggies in a personal garden
  • Opt for generic over brand name

Save money elsewhere

  • Reduce or stop shopping for clothes/shoes/jewelry
  • Reduce grooming expenses – hair coloring, manicures, expensive products, etc.
  • Cancel gym membership – workout from home
  • Reduce consumable habits like smoking, alcohol, etc.
  • Move to a less expensive area – lower rent

What are your helpful tips for cutting back on spending? Let us know in the comments below!