What Should I Get Someone For Valentine's Day?

What Should I Get Someone For Valentine’s Day?

February 14 may seem like ages and ages away, but we promise you that it’s never too early to start planning for that perfect gift or evening out with the person you love. Having a good plan for gift-giving in place means you won’t be caught flat-footed when Valentine’s Day arrives, and takes a lot of stress out of last minute florist-finding. If you’re asking yourself “What should I get someone for Valentine’s Day?” we have a handful of ideas that will hopefully strike a chord.

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Traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts

Somewhat mean candy hearts in green and goldSome Valentine’s Day presents are tired and true (or just so appealing that people go back to them year after year). Whether you know your honey bun loves those ridiculously delicious solid sugar hearts, or really just wants a Panera gift card, when in doubt you can return to these golden oldies:

  • A Valentine Card – Sometimes just saying that you are thinking of them is all the present your sweetheart wants
  • Candy – Sugar (of the chocolate and candy-heart variety) is always good. Unless your significant other is on a diet
  • Flowers – Roses are traditional, but a including a favorite flower (if you know it) is a nice touch
  • Clothing or Jewelry – Clothing and accessory purchases can always be a little hit-or-miss, but if you know what your love bird loves, go for it
  • Gift Cards – Nothing says “I love you” like cold hard cash to one of his or her favorite stores. Okay, maybe not, but presents are always exciting, and gift cards have the advantage of always fitting and being what the person wants.

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The Best Valentine’s Day Gift

While cards, and chocolate and those little candy hearts may be excellent, the presents our loved ones remember best are experiences spent with people they enjoy spending time with. In the case of Valentine’s Day, that hopefully includes you and your main squeeze. If you have a shared interest, whether that be movies, an afternoon at a museum, or a basketball game (find out about these opportunities in Green Bay WI here!), investing in a shared experience can make memories that will last both of you for years. Good luck, and happy Valentine’s Day!