Hints for A Financially Savvy Black Friday

Hints for A Financially Savvy Black Friday

The frenzy of Christmas shopping is almost upon us, and with it a time of year that can hurt your waistline, your pocket book and your back (if you try to lift that one awesome mega-TV all by yourself). But Black Friday and all the Christmas craziness to come afterward don’t have to hurt, and really can net you some great deals. Keep reading for our hints for a financially savvy Black Friday shopping experience.

Budget your Black Friday ahead of time

I know we can sound like a broken record (encouraging folks not to spend more than they can afford is our advice when it comes to getting a reasonable car loan as well) but this is very important. How much are you willing to spend this Christmas season? How much can you afford to spend before financial anxiety overwhelms any of the more positive emotions we are searching for at Christmas time? Figure out the answers to these questions and you have got it made.

Get What You Want, Not What’s On Sale

Woman in a Christmas hat very stressed about buying presentsBlack Friday mania can overwhelm even the most level-headed shopper. I don’t need that appliance but it’s 75 PERCENT OFF!! To fight off that temptation, try to have a general plan for what you are looking for before you hit the stores. If you have a list you are less likely to spring for an electric cheese grater that you will never use, and more likely to stick with your budget.

Keep an Eye Our For Advanced Deals

Once upon a time, Black Friday was just that: one Friday when folks would buy All The Things. Now, with Cyber Monday and a host of deals both leading up to the day and after, the best deals won’t always be on the day after Thanksgiving. Keeping your options open and your eyes peeled means you might get an awesome deal without camping overnight outside your favorite store.

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Compare Black Friday Prices Between Stores

Just because an item is in the super discount rack in one store doesn’t mean that it’s the best price you can get. Making a list of stores that you want to visit and scoping out their estimated Black Friday prices ahead of time might net you a stellar deal, whereas another place may only offer an okay deal.

Good luck on your Black Friday and beyond shopping adventures, and keep in mind that many car dealerships like Broadway Automotive will also be offering significant price incentive the day after Thanksgiving, and some cases, all month long.