Close up of a person holding a blue toy car in their hands

Which Drivetrain Should I Pick for a Car?

Front-Wheel Drive vs All-Wheel Drive vs 4-Wheel Drive vs Rear-Wheel Drive

If you are shopping for your next car, you’ll have a lot more than make and model to choose from. Along with selecting the right vehicle at the right price, you will want to make sure you are also selecting the right drivetrain for your driving needs. See which drivetrain you should consider picking for your car with our drivetrain comparison.

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Driver behind the wheel of a car

Things to Look for While on a Test Drive

Tips for Test Driving a Car

Test driving is a crucial step to the car buying process. A test drive can tell you if the vehicle is right for you and if there are any problems with it that you should be concerned about. Of course, there are many things to look for on a test drive. At Broadway Credit, we will help you get the most out of your test drive by detailing many key things you should be watching for and checking.

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Person putting coins into a piggy bank

How to Build an Emergency Fund

Tips for Saving Money for Emergencies

Do you have an emergency fund built up and stashed away, ready to access if you need it? If not, it’s highly recommended that you start building one. An emergency fund is money set aside for large, unexpected purchases or expenses. These are typically held in savings accounts due to how easy and fast it is to withdraw cash. Emergency funds are often used for situations such as a job loss, major car repair, medical expenses, natural disasters, and home repairs or necessary appliance replacements. If you don’t yet have this extra cash off to the side, learn how to build an emergency fund at the Broadway Credit blog!

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Cars parked in a parking lot

What are the Differences Between Leasing and Buying a Car?

Purchasing vs Leasing a Vehicle Comparison

Do you need a vehicle? If so, you’re probably wondering whether you should lease or purchase your next ride. With different advantages and disadvantages offered with each, you will want to be confident with your choice. Below, we will cover the key differences between leasing and buying a car so you can compare your options.

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Front passenger angle of a red 2021 Toyota Camry

How to Choose the Right Car Body Style

Vehicle Body Type Comparison

There are many different types of cars on the roads today. From the well-known sedan to the popular SUV, there is a vehicle for every driver. Before you start shopping for your first or next car, you need to know what kind of body type is best for you. Here at Broadway Credit, we will help you choose the right car body style by comparing and contrasting the most popular body types available.

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