Mother and child dressing in winter clothing with snowy trees in the background while eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate

Which Events Can I Go to for Free for 2020 Winter in Green Bay, WI?

2020 Free Winter Activities in Green Bay, WI

It’s always fun to go out with family and friends for some activities and events in Green Bay. However, it can be challenging for some residents to have fun after the expensive Christmas season. If you are looking for exciting and free winter activities to do in Green Bay this winter, check out our suggestions here! Read the rest of this entry >>

Close up of the tires of a car driving on a snowy road

Does Salt from the Road Damage the Paint on my Car?

How to Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint in Winter

When it gets icy outside during the winter, everyone who lives in areas like Wisconsin know that roads need to get salted. The salt helps melt ice and give drivers more traction. However, as you drive on salted roads, your tires will kick up the salt onto your vehicle. That raises the question of whether salt from the road will damage the paint on your car. Here’s some tips on how to protect your vehicle in winter. Read the rest of this entry >>

flat tire on car parked on gravel road

What Tools Do I Need to Change a Flat Tire?

You’re driving down the road when you hear a thump, feel a vibration, and then a loud flapping noise. Your steering wheel starts to pull to the side of where you heard the sound. One of your tires just went flat. If you’ve never come across this problem, you’re probably asking a couple of questions. What tools do I need to change a flat tire? How do I change a flat tire? Today, we will be teaching you how to do just that. Read the rest of this entry >>

Oil spots underneath a vehicle

Why Is My Car Leaking Oil?

Reasons a Vehicle Could Be Leaking Oil

If seeing oil spots under your car is all too familiar, then you have a leaking vehicle in your hands. However, a car leaking oil may not be as obvious. Perhaps you smell burning oil after taking a drive or you see blue smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe. This is a very common problem that drivers come across and there are numerous reasons why your car could be leaking oil. Read the rest of this entry >>

Close up of a loan application form

Can a College Student Get a Car Loan?

Tips for Getting a Car Loan as a Student

Many college students need a car to get to classes and work. This necessity creates a new challenge as many questions whether a college student can get a car loan. Unfortunately, getting approved for a car loan is a lot tougher for students than other borrowers. However, it is possible and there are ways to improve the chances of getting approved. Read the rest of this entry >>

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What Christmas Events Can I Go to This Weekend in Green Bay, WI?

2019 Christmas Activities in Green Bay, WI

By now, you’re probably decorating the house and prepping for Christmas. If you are in the Green Bay area, there are plenty of Christmas activities you can participate in to add some joy to the holidays. Here are a few suggestions on which Christmas events you can go to this weekend in Green Bay, WI. Read the rest of this entry >>

Person sitting with their laptop while holding their credit card

How Can I Lower My Credit Card Payments?

3 Tips to Minimize Credit Card Debt

If your income is low or your spending is high, chances are you are having trouble paying off credit card bills. Unfortunately, not properly managing your credit card can lead to higher debts and a lower credit score. Here are 5 tips you can use to minimize your credit card debt so you can lower your monthly payments. Read the rest of this entry >>

Woman asleep with her head on the steering wheel of her car

How Dangerous is Driving While Feeling Sleepy?

How to Stay Awake while Driving

Have you ever noticed that you get more tired during winter than you do in summer? Naturally, our body releases a chemical called melatonin, a sleeping aid, when there is little to no sunshine. Since there are less daylight hours in the day during the winter months, you may find yourself getting drowsy earlier than normal. However, you will still need to continue your normal routine of work, school, or any other life events you have going on. This can create a bad situation where you end up driving while feeling drowsy. Let’s discuss how dangerous driving while feeling sleepy really is and what you can do to prevent drowsy driving. Read the rest of this entry >>

Leaves and lights on an orange background with the text "Happy Thanksgiving"

Where Can I Race on Thanksgiving near Green Bay?

2019 Turkey Trot Races near Green Bay, WI

As holiday festivities draw nearer, you may find that it is more difficult to keep off the pounds. While you will want to feast on turkey with your loved ones on Thanksgiving Day, you don’t have to gain a bunch of weight as a result. If you are looking for a fun way to burn some calories before cooking your Thanksgiving dinner, join a Turkey Trot race here in the Green Bay area! Read the rest of this entry >>