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Who is Looking at My Credit Score?

By emarketing | Posted in Bad Credit in Green Bay, Who Looks at Your Credit Score on Friday, May 24th, 2013 at 3:35 pm

Who Looks at Your Credit Score

Credit is vital in determining your ability to obtain a loan, rent a home or apartment, get a job or receive auto loans in Green Bay WI. In order to establish your trustworthiness and financial stability, there are a few people who are able to view your credit report. So who looks at your credit score? Lenders, potential employers, landlords and insurance agents all have the right to view your credit history.

Who Looks at Your Credit Score

Lenders, employers, landlords and insurance agents all look at your credit history to assess your financial status.

Lenders – lenders have the ability to look at your credit score in order to help you obtain a loan for a car, home, etc. They also check your credit report to establish your interest rates and credit card limits. If your score reflects a positive financial history, you’re more likely to receive favorable rates.

Employers – credit checks are becoming more commonplace in the hiring process. Employers are often looking to hire people who show financial diligence and responsibility. Although the weight of a credit score is more likely to impact people working for the government or in a financial career, it doesn’t hurt to monitor and maintain a strong credit score.

Landlords – at the end of the day, a landlord wants to know that rent is going to be paid in full on time. Landlords will often check your credit score to determine your trustworthiness and payment history.

Insurance Agents – in most cases an insurance agent will check your credit score to predict how many claims you’re likely to file. It has been reported that people with higher scores tend to file fewer claims, which is ideal for insurance agents.

Credit Reports in Green Bay WIYou’re not the only person keeping your eye on your credit report. For tips on how to improve your credit score or to learn more about what your credit score means, visit us at Broadway Auto Credit today.

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