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FAQ from Broadway Credit

Credit Application

Q. How can I get approved for a car loan?
A. Visit us and bring along the following items:

1. Valid Driver's License
2. Proof of Income (Check Stub)
3. List of References
4. Vehicle trade-in with title
5. Proof of Residence
Subject to credit approval at the dealership.
You can also click to fill out our on-line CREDIT APPLICATION
or call (855) 395-2129.

Q. What's the average length of a car loan?
A. At Broadway Auto Credit Inc., we keep the length of the car loan as short
as possible because people generally want to trade-in their vehicle after 2-3 years. Other auto financial institutions write loans for up to 6 years (72 months). Our average loan pays out in less than 2 years, allowing the buyer the option to trade-in the vehicle for a newer model sooner.


Q. Will I get a quality vehicle?
A. All of our vehicles are inspected and given a service
checklist prior to the sale. The sales staff will advise the
buyer that routine maintenance is necessary, as with any

If we haven't answered questions that you may still have, please call us at
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At Broadway Auto Credit, your past doesn't matter! Whether you've experienced bankruptcy, prior repossession, divorce, or other situations that have resulted in bad credit, we're here to help! The dedicated, trained staff of Broadway Auto Credit will work with you to find a solution to your credit problems and put you behind the wheel of a great vehicle today! Our experienced staff works with people like you from across Northeastern Wisconsin and the UP every day! Plus, Broadway will report your successful payments to us to national credit bureaus, which will put you back on track toward repairing your credit! Don't let the past stand in your way!

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